Monday, May 5, 2014

Book Review #1!!

So this is a new thing I plan to do. Once or twice a month I'll do a book review on book's that I've actually read. This is the first book I'll review: Serpent of Light by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

This book was first published in 2007 by Weiser Books in San Fransisco, California. Weiser Books publishes many books across the entire spectrum of occult and esoteric subjects without trying to advocate in favor of any particular set of beliefs. The book has twenty-two chapters and is 268 pages long. This is going to get somewhat spiritual, so brace yourself.

This book is a collection of stories throughout Melchizedek's life. Melchizedek is (for lack of a better word) a mystic that was visited early in his adult life by "angels." Melchizedek has devoted his life to spreading the ideas he's learned and speaks across the world in spirituality and meditation. These beings give Melchizedek special missions around the world to prepare for the movement of the Earth's Kundalini.

A Kundalini is a system of spiritual energy that all living things have, humans, animals and planets (I'm not saying the Earth is "alive"; make your own decision on that). It is described in many ancient cultures as a "Serpent of Light" and wherever it is situated will be the spiritual capital of the world. For the last 13,000 years it has been in the Himalayan mountains, which is why Tibetan Buddhists are considered the most spiritual people on Earth. But every 13,000 years it moves, and Melchizedek was called to prepare its new home in South America.

Melchizedek's accounts in his book are magical. The people, cultures and places he tells about are amazing. It's well written; Melchizedek is a great story teller. I'm also happy to find a book on spirituality that isn't very preachy. He speaks about many cultures around the Americas and Pacific Ocean, explaining their purposes in this greater movement of the Earth's Kundalini. Also, he speaks about his encounters with the people, how they live day to day, their spiritual practices and how they always embrace him. He stays among these people for days and sometimes weeks.

He also speaks of his encounters with spirits. The main one is a being called Thoth, a king from the lost continent of Atlantis. He is the main character giving Melchizedek all of his information. He encounters other spirits; one he finds guarding a pyramid in Central America, and another he finds in a river in Hawaii. He even preforms a kind of exorcism in South America to take out a dark spirit that has been terrorizing South/Central America for thousands of years.

Melchizedek has written other books that I will definitely check out when I get the chance. I highly recommend this one if you're curious about this sort of thing.

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