Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I feel bad about neglecting this blog for a few weeks, but I've been busy. School is dominating my schedule right now, so that has become my priority. I'm not getting as much sleep as I used to, and my writing schedule is messed up. Only a few more weeks, though, and I'll have a short break. 

There are some things I've been wanting to do on this blog. For a week I've wanted to start a series of book reviews where I give my opinions on books that I've read. This would provide me the incentive to not only read more but pay more attention to this blog. I plan to start this over the summer.

With my book, the usual is still happening. Editing bits and pieces when I can, slowly but surely. Already sort of started on the final book for this series; When I was working on book two, I was at the same time developing scenes I wanted to add into book three. There is no schedule for book three yet, but book two is still (hopefully) going to be finished late this summer. I want it to be good, or at least better than book one.

Lastly, I'm still working on my other stories, as well as adding a new one to my shelf. Drake Files is still in the works and coming along, and two other stories (including the new one) are incubating in my brain.

Last thing I wanted to share was a really cool dream that I've been having. This is something that if I was ever able to get the opportunity to do, I would make my own school. Teaching is my other passion in life, and I love technology. This would be a 100% online school, with students across the country, or even across the world. It would all be done with video conferences and chat rooms; teachers would teach in front of cameras on an exclusive system live and students would sign into their classes to see the lectures. It's a private online school, essentially, and once a year or semester we would set up a field trip or "meet-and-greet," but students would learn in the comfort of their home.

It's an idea, one I would start myself, with a group, or join if I ever found the opportunity. In the meantime, I'm going to finish school, get my teacher certification, and finish this book. Also, I found something I wanted to share, but that will wait for this weekend. Have a great day!!

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