Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This feels like a weird subject to talk about since I just sang the Internet's praises a few weeks ago, but there is one thing that I've noticed that I have mixed feelings about. Truly, I appreciate the chaos that the Internet can be. Of course there are sites that should be taken down for illegal activities, but from the good to the weird the Internet is what it is. The one thing I find annoying is social media sites.

Social media has been a great way to connect with other people online. They provide easy access to your friends and subjects you enjoy. I have Facebook and Twitter pages that are for my personal life, and I don't mind sharing with either platform, but Twitter today made a move I think many have predicted. Social media sites are becoming the same. Twitter's new home page looks so much like Facebook's. Facebook incorporating hashtags and Instagram doing videos were the first steps, but this in my mind was a bigger step. I don't have an Instagram because I don't take that many pictures in my life, but I can see that all three are becoming the same website. I know you can register in Instagram with your Facebook account information, and you can instantly share photos on Instagram to Facebook and Twitter. The three are already connected, but I would not be surprised to learn of one buying out one of the others (I would say Facebook would do the buying; they have the most money).

So there's my two cents. Still working on book two; its the end of the semester, so its crunch time to get my work done. But, I am halfway done with final edits. Will be released this year and I will continue to post as news comes up. Thanks for reading!!!

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