Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's been a while since I actually finished something. I came up with an idea about a month ago for a Halloween short story, and I wrote half of in a week. Then I took a break, because of midterms and everything else, including starting this blog. That break ended yesterday while I was at work, when I picked up where I left off, and I finished the story earlier today. I can't decide whether or not I'll wait till Halloween to upload it or if I'll upload it this weekend, but you'll see by this weekend, I guess.

This is honestly a perfect example of my writing style. I do make an effort to write every day, whether its a page or a paragraph, but I'm working on so many things right now that some projects get forgotten. Very few things have a schedule; the only deadlines I've given myself was this story (finished in time for Halloween) and the sequal to my book, which I plan to have finished in February, and then uploaded as soon as possible.

I should probably write more often, because it is honestly my best stress reliever. But for now I'm happy to have this little Halloween treat in the waiting for you guys, and I hope you'll enjoy it when I put it out.

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