Monday, March 24, 2014

It has been forever since I last posted about religion, and I like that. Maybe I'm growing a little, or maybe I'm reverting back to a previous stage in my life. Whichever, I'm tired of it. I'm not sick of it, just tired of it. I'm tired of trying to defend or justify what I believe, so I'm just not going to talk about it anymore. At least, not here.

There comes a time when a person reaches their threshold. That point when you cancel your subscription and stop buying into something. You aren't turning back, but you're saying to yourself, "Okay, I have what I need" or "I have what is necessary."

This is where I now stand. If you liked my religious posts, I'm sorry. I made this blog to originally be a writing blog, and I want to get it to that type of page. If you want my opinions, contact me directly, but I'm no longer going to bore those who don't with them here.

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