Thursday, December 26, 2013

Most of my issues with religion stem more from people than the idea of God. Every soul on this planet is precious and beautiful, and collectivelly we are the light of this planet in my opinion, but it's unfortunate that some men are sick. A sickness of the mind in my opinion is the cause of all the social issues we face as a species, and all of us are infected in varying degrees. It's what causes us to care more about being right than being loving.

Thankfully, there is a cure, and it is love and harmony, virtues worth more to me than all the religious authority in the world. Life is about loving each other, not because God says to or else go to hell, but because that is our nature. Others would say otherwise, but in my experience I've never met a person who was bad because they were evil. I've heard my whole life we are creatures of sin and darkness, unworthy of God's love, but in the next breath they say God loves us anyway despite this curse. God has no need for us, and he'd be perfectly in the right to destroy our darkness. So something has to make us worthy, and the reason is we're not the darkness, rather, we're the light in the darkness.

I've said this before, but I'll say it once again. The power of love is the power of God, and we have this power within us all. We are at our very core light. Down to your cells, then the molecules and then the individual atoms, and down one more and you find energy, and energy is light. Let your light be your love, and together we can do anything.

May you find the Spirit of God within you and everyone you meet. Until next time.

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