Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yesterday something was brought to my attention about something I wrote last month that I admit was a bit malicious. I look back on the post in question and feel ashamed of myself. Below is a link to the full post.

"Christianity and the Catholic Church"

While I don't remember the mindset I was in when I wrote this, I find this unacceptable of myself and everything I believe in now. It's not so much the words themselves, some of the ideas or observations, but the feeling behind it, and I formally apologize.

But everything is a learning experience, right? Reading my earlier posts shows me how much I've grown just for disagreeing with my past views.

If you clicked that link and read that post and are now coming back to this, I want to specify two things.

The first is that we've all made our share of mistakes, me especially. People throughout history and as part of many religions have killed in the name of a God that is about peace. Wars happen, and some times it seems like there was no choice, but I pray as a species we can grow past the need for violence.

The second is that while we are all wrong in some ways, we're all still people, and that's what's important. Forget religion, forget country and forget oaths, but remember we are all people, brothers and sisters sharing a planet, remember conscience, and remember Love.

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