Monday, November 11, 2013

Dawn of a New Age

I really believe that the world is changing. I don't mean small changes, though, but a big change in the way we think and live. The internet has become larger than anyone ever predicted, changing how we live, how we learn, even how we communicate and meet. New sciences like Quantum Physics and Neurology and spiritualities are starting to show congruences.

New ways of thinking are arising, and unfortunately I think some people are afraid of this. I've looked through some of these new ideas, and I don't think they are out to specifically contradict anyone. I've found no New Age book that claim what today's largest religions claim. None claim to have "The Way" to eternal happiness, prosperity, or rest. In a sense, these New Age thoughts are perfect for the internet; it's just people who have achieved something in their personal life, and they're sharing what works for them for us to try. If it does, good for you, if not, good luck finding something that does.

I love being Christian, I really do, but the absolutism about it is off-putting. "It's either Jesus or go to Hell". Again, Christianity is great, and I believe in its message, so I'm not going to say it's wrong. What I am going to say is it seems unfair. What about perfectly good people who live their whole lives, never hearing or reading the Bible, never knowing what Jesus did and said? What about people who lived in the America's before Europeans settled? Was there just no hope for them before Christianity came to them?

The energy of Love is the energy of God.

I digress. Anyway, I found this site this weekend that is pretty interesting. It's called The Spirit Science, and it's all about unlocking your personal spirit, growth through meditation, showing interconnectiveness of our world and us to the planet, stuff like that. In the spirit of the internet, decide for yourself.

Also, happy Veteran's Day. Be sure to show some love to those who've served this day, and tomorrow, and the next, so on and so on.

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