Monday, March 3, 2014

February Recap and Looking Forward to March

February has been a big month for me. Exciting events and developments throughout the whole month, and I'm sorry to not have posted any at the time, but I was busy. So I thought a small recap would suffice.

The first big thing to happen in February I did post about, because it was the best thing that happened in my opinion. The completion of my second book was a relief, but was only a step towards publication, albeit a big step. Still working on editing, and I still have to finish a cover art (attempting to make it alone), but still proud of myself.

I started teacher observations, which is a necessary step toward becoming a teacher. Spending time at the local high school has really been an experience. For the last few weeks I've just been an observer, but starting after Spring Break I'm participating more in the classroom. It's weird to be in a high school setting, taking notes as a student, but what I'm focusing on is not the teacher's lesson but the teacher. Also, those kids got me sick last week; high schools will forever be cesspools for germs.

This last month, I attended an event called Passion in Houston with ten other friends. It was an amazing experience and lots of fun. It was a great worship event, and I came back to Odessa feeling rejuvenated. Feeling 25,000 people and all their love for the world is something I'm not going to forget, and I hope I have the opportunity to go again. Plus, it gave me Valentines Day plans, so I wasn't alone on a holiday.

So that was February, and I'm looking forward to March. I'm going home for Spring Break, and I'm always excited to be back in my hometown. As I mentioned earlier, I have plans to be more involved in the high school here in Odessa, so I have some planning to do. Over Spring Break, I plan to do most if not all of the editing I need to do for my book, and then I can focus on a cover art. Exciting things to come, I'm sure.

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