Monday, February 3, 2014

Backstory: the Galactic War and Great Ascension

Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs still ruled the Earth, one family of immortals assumed the entire galaxy as their kingdom. Hundreds of planets bore life in those times, but none were as powerful or as old as this family, who came to be known as the Overseers. Their origins were connected to the origins of the galaxy, or even almost as old as the universe itself. They were strong and proud and possessed powers beyond any other race.

The Overseers ruled with an iron fist, merciless to any who would stand up to them. In the earliest years of their assumption to power they destroyed several advanced species who stood against them, reducing entire planets to clouds of dust.

Despite this bloody history the Overseers ruled the galaxy justly, fostering peace and prosperity in their empire. Old races died out, but new ones emerged under their care, including the humans of Earth.

But it was only ever the illusion of peace. The Overseers kept their empire in check with weapons capable of destroying any planet, and exploited many planets for their various resources. With an entire galaxy supplying them, none could challenge them.

It was only a matter of time, though. While they were immortal beings, the Overseers had several children. This second generation outnumbered their parents and matched their powers, but the Overseers were had no intention of stepping down. Their children eyed their position with jealousy, and soon challenged their parents for the throne. The children became known as the Tyranus, for they knew no compassion, only greed and power.

The Tyranus began conquering and destroying planets that served the Overseers, and the Overseers responded without impunity, destroying any race they believed to be supporting, willingly or not, the Tyranus.

It was a terrible war. The numbers of lives lost is beyond countable, and no one could stand against either side.

A higher power had to step in to stop the Overseers and Tyranus, and that power chose one race in the galaxy, the Nuvians. They were an old race, one of the oldest, and were able to stay neutral in the conflict. They were left alone by the Overseers since the beginning for unknown reasons. The Nuvians are a very spiritual race in which every individual actually possesses two identical souls, one that stayed with the body and the other used to connect with their Goddess.

During the main conflict, their Goddess blessed them with great powers and new technologies and weapons. Their Creator also gave them the task of ending the war and destroying both the Overseers and the Tyranus, for neither side knew love except that for themselves, and the galaxy would never be at peace until both were gone.

With new powers and weapons the Nuvians rose up to quell the fighting, and while it was an entire race against essentially one family, a species of several hundred millions against fifteen individuals, the effort took hundreds of years. The Nuvians had a higher purpose for fighting and were united in that purpose, while the Overseers and Tyranus thought only of conquest, fighting each other at the same time as the Nuvians.

The Nuvians were able to destroy the last Overseer when Amenhotep III ruled Egypt. The last Tyranus was destroyed when Nero ruled Rome.

With the war over, the Nuvians ushered in an era of true peace, but it was a galaxy essentially in post traumatic stress disorder. The Nuvians recieved a second mission: to heal the galaxy of the Overseer/Tyranus control and protect the various races that live in it.

To this day Nuvia is a shining beacon in the galaxy. Under their protection the galaxy is recovering, with the hope that soon, every living thing  in the galaxy can finally live in harmony.

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