Friday, January 17, 2014

Answers vs Questions

In my personal meditations and research, I've come up with that there are two ways of living life. You can live life in the answers or you can live life in the questions.

People who live life in answers are very grounded people. They know what they believe and that gives them strength. Answers give them anchors in a tumbling world, and apart from strength it gives them peace. They believe they have life figured out, and they have an explanation or a focal thought that every idea stems from.

Yet, the strengths of answers can also be their weaknesses. What anchors them in a tumbling world can sometimes be a shackle and they miss things they have no idea they are missing. They believe fully in their answer, and belief can look like arrogance when they come across people who've come up with a different answer.

People who live in questions are more free floating, "go with the flow" people. There is an air of child-like curiosity about these people, and an excitement to learn and see new things. They may have many reasons not to aline themselves with one thought. They may 

As with answer people, the strengths of question people can also be their weakness. They can seem childish, floating from one thing to another like a kid in a candy store. Curiosity in an extreme form can be seen as wishy-washy, as the person sees something new and explores it. Sometimes a lack of answers can lead to insecurity.

Well, I hope that was some morning wisdom for you readers, from the mind of a 21 year old. Tell your friends if you want, contact me to the right there if you want (still haven't tested that function, if you've tried it and haven't heard from me, sorry). Be kind to one another.

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