Monday, November 18, 2013

Through My Eyes

I sort of have a standing joke about myself that I was born in another dimension and I was switched at birth with the Ethan Becker originally from this world, and that that Ethan is enjoying my life and I'm just waiting for the wormhole to open back up and suck me home. I say this as a joke but I sometimes cannot help but think I think differently from this world. Things I see and hear every day that seem to be integral parts of this world make no sense to me.

The whole concept of currency is something I don't understand. People treat economies like they're natural phenomena of nature, when they're completely man-made institutions.

We live in a very duelistic world. Good vs. Evil. God vs. Satan. Republicans vs. Democrats. Capitalism vs. Socialism. Science vs. Religion. New Age vs. Tradition. So much conflict when we're all just People.

I often feel like the outsider looking in, a foreigner in a strange place. I live in the hope that one day I'll return home, in time, when my time comes. Maybe Heaven is home to me, or maybe Heaven is what we make. I'm not sure.

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